Seed the Commons joined an international mobilization against the corporate takeover of food systems. We were the only vegans there.

The United Nations is hosting a Food Systems Summit this September as well as a pre-summit this week. Last November,...

World Soil Day Should Be a Call to Change How We Grow Food

8th Dec

The world is teetering on the brink of environmental catastrophes, including global warming and biodiversity collapse, that are spoken about...

Will Buying Honey Save the Bees?

2nd Jan

By Tara Katlyn Because honey is profitable, the honey industry has created the misconception that stealing honeybees’ food source somehow...

Fight Back Against the Rancher Land Grab in Marin County

13th Oct

“Point Reyes National Seashore is a unique fragment of wild California. Rare bunch grasses and wildflowers, Tule elk and spawning...

From Beef to Beans: Small Farmers Led the Way at the Largest Climate Mobilization of the West Coast

The Global Climate Action Summit that took place in San Francisco on September 12-14 aimed to inspire commitments from local...

Climate Summit Becomes an Opportunity to Fund Ranching

4th Sep

Next week, San Francisco will host the Global Climate Action Summit, a gathering of government and UN officials, leaders from...

Let’s Begin Today – A Veganic Poem

31st Aug

by Marilyn Cornelius let’s begin today the path to life is through life beautiful organic and vegan farming is veganic:...

A Call to Counter the False Solution of Regenerative Grazing

26th Jul

The regenerative agriculture movement is quickly building momentum, its ideas spreading among environmentalists, food activists, and even the general public....

Disrupt World Milk Day

29th May

World Milk Day is upon us again, oh joy. World Milk Day (June 1) was founded in 2001, and since...

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