Veganic Outreach

Seed the Commons promotes veganic farming as the basis of a sustainable, just and compassionate food system.

Our focus has largely been on outreach and education; our activities have included:

  • The creation of an online veganic resource center that features a growing series of profiles of veganic farmers.
  • Presentations about the importance of building the veganic movement at numerous conferences and meetups (including Soil Not Oil 2016 and Berkeley Vegan Earth Day 2017).
  • Coordination of the Working Group on Veganic Farming, an open group of activists, farmers, and other interested folks who meet to discuss how to promote veganic farming. The working group has also organized activities, such as a field trip to a veganic farm.
  • The People’s Harvest Forum is the only conference focused on radical food politics where veganic farmers are given a platform

Our work on veganics is closely tied to that of building local food resiliency and reclaiming our food system from corporate control, for example:

  • We offer the first and only veganic gardening classes in California, giving people tools to grow their own food, building autonomy and political awareness.
  • We are starting two projects to grow food veganically, in San Francisco and East Palo Alto, for the benefit of our local community and ecology.

Please support this important work by donating to our fundraiser.