What We Do

Building a food system that is just, sustainable and independent of animal exploitation involves two things: resisting and dismantling the power of the agroindustrial complex, and creating a shift in social norms where non-human animals are no longer thought of as food.

Our approach to these two goals is multi-pronged and includes building awareness around the corporate takeover of food systems; sharing information about alternatives such as agroecology and activist success-stories; working within the social norms of tomorrow instead of defaulting to those of today; and promoting animal liberation.


Political Education

We host events in San Francisco for community education and empowerment around food politics. Through our variety of events, we share information on our food system, exchange ideas on how to engage on important issues, and share skills to best take care of oneself and one’s community and ecosystem.

Food Sovereignty

Our vision of healthy, just and sustainable food systems is best achieved when communities reclaim control of food systems – when we achieve food sovereignty. We promote this idea throughout the year and especially at our yearly People’s Harvest Forum.

Veganic Farming

Movements to create and support better alternatives to industrial farming usually default to farming models that exploit animals. We learn and draw from them, but we go a step further: we promote veganic farming as the basis of our food system.

Dietary Policy Advocacy

Institutional dietary programs like school milk programs are crucial to shaping food habits; likewise, they can be central to creating change. Our upcoming Milk Campaign will target dietary policy to effectuate healthy changes for San Francisco children.


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Seed the Commons is a small, all-volunteer organization. Donations from supporters cover everything from event rental costs, research, community outreach and organizing our yearly forum.

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